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Wholesale Loose Diamonds Sydney Customers Have Trusted For 60 Years

This family business has been importing and selling wholesale loose diamonds Sydney and beyond for six decades. We have a rock-solid reputation as the place to go when you need the best advice and a great price on wholesale loose diamonds. It is important to know that the advice you are getting is based on what you need not what the merchant has to sell and with the extensive in-house stock of Sydney diamonds and direct worldwide connections you are guaranteed that by the diamonds wholesalers at AE Design Jewellery. Whether you need a rare diamond of the highest quality that is perfect for investing or a perfectly matched stone ideal for an heirloom upgrade, a future piece of jewellery or a special ring the team will have exactly what you are looking for.

Wholesale Loose Diamonds At Sydney’s Best Prices

It is true that diamonds are expensive and that there is a huge difference in prices for similar wholesale loose diamonds from one wholesale diamond dealer to another. You will always get a full explanation of why a specific diamond is more, or less suited to you needs from the qualified gemmologists at AE Design Jewellery. This is very important because many unscrupulous Sydney diamond wholesalers will advise you to buy the most expensive diamond available where a slightly less perfect example would be perfectly suitable to your needs. Contact the team today and get the best advice and an amazing price on your next diamond purchase.

Experienced Diamond Wholesalers Sydney Jewellers Buy From

While many Sydney diamond wholesalers will tell you they are selling you wholesale loose diamonds, with AE Design Jewellery you actually have a business that has a long history of selling diamonds and complete pieces to jewellers around Australia. With contacts and experience that have passed down from father to son you will buy the diamond of your dreams at a price you can afford. Don’t deal with a sales clerk that just wants to make a sale but instead, deal with experts that live and breathe diamonds and will do everything to make sure you are 100% happy with the diamond you leave the store with.

Fill out the contact us form here or call the team on 02 9232 0022 right now. Taking the time to find out what AE Design Jewellery has to offer will save you money!