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A Stunning Range Of Beautiful Handcrafted Halo Engagement Rings In Sydney CBD

Bespoke Halo Engagement Rings Handcrafted In Sydney

With over 60 years of experience, AE Design Jewellery can fashion halo rings which will make that special “Will you…?”, “I will…” exchange even more special. Our diamond experts and gemmologists will listen to your dreams for the ring of your desire and help you design an eye-catching ring as unique as your love for each other. Looking to buy halo rings Sydney cognoscenti come to us first for the benefit of our expert advice, consummate skill in design, and the range of high quality materials we stock.

Rich Clusters Of Exquisite Gems

A row of brilliant diamonds encircles a centrally mounted stone to form a halo ring. Even further sparkle can be brought to your ring when you double its row of supporting stones. The halo effect catches the eye and draws it to the signature central stone. We can show you local gemstones such as the rare ruby-rich pink Argyle diamond, or the deep blue Australian sapphire, which can be mounted to gorgeous effect in our popular halo rings. Since Tiffany’s of New York created its revolutionary prong mount, diamonds have been the gems most prized by couples for their diamond rings. Our long years dealing with suppliers have seen relationships build which allow us to let you choose not only white diamonds, but also coloured ones so you can select hues that work for you. Our diamond graders will help you understand the unique properties and provenance of the stones you commission for your diamond engagement ring.

How Halo Rings Release Lustre And Fire

A diamond’s ability to catch and radiate light is known as its brilliance or fire, and its clarity and colour is called its lustre. Seasoned diamond cutters recognise these features and know how to fashion the stone in such a way as to celebrate its lustre and magnify its light. The brilliant diamonds surrounding the central stones of the halo bridal rings we can commission reflect further light toward the central diamond heightening its lustre and adding to its fire. The round brilliant has long been the most frequently used cut of diamond for engagement rings. However, a broad range of other styles are possible, known as fancy cuts, and some of these work to dazzling effect in halo rings. Our specialist jewellers can talk you through the ways these cuts enhance a diamond’s brilliance and concentrate its rich colour, then commission the central stone that best suits you. Our team is happy to share their knowledge and experience with you; these decisions should not be taken lightly or rushed. This personal service makes our halo rings among the best halo rings in Sydney.

Our Commitment To Excellence

You deserve the very best engagement ring we can have made for you. Looking through our online galleries, you will see examples of the exquisite jewellery we can commission, and appreciate the masterpieces of the jeweller’s craft that halo bridal rings can be. However, no matter how high the definition of the images on your screen, they will seem nothing compared to what we can show you when you come to see us. When you actually handle a ring and turn it in natural light the full qualities of its design are absolutely spellbinding. We want to see our superlative gems enchant you so you will really understand the depth of our mission to achieve excellence in creating bespoke bridal gems. We welcome you to make an appointment to discuss your visions and dreams with us, because we want to make those visions your reality.