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Custom Ladies Wedding Bands Handcrafted In Sydney

On your wedding day, you deserve a wedding band that perfectly symbolises the beauty of your love, the depth of your commitment, and the unique person that you are. AE Design Jewellery has over six decades of experience creating beautiful ladies wedding bands which reflect the happiness of marriage balanced with the solemnity of the vows you will take. All our rings are commissioned after careful consideration and consultation with you so that you appreciate the quality of the materials we use, and the excellence of the design on which you decide. There are trays, shelves, and windows full of mass-produced wedding rings available elsewhere, we will assist you in possessing the bespoke ladies wedding band that you so richly deserve.

Elegant, Intricate Designs

The dazzling array of designs for wedding bands we have will delight and intrigue you. AE Design Jewellery’s team of specialists is happy to talk you through the merits of each of our styles of band explaining how they perfectly display the gems you have inlaid in them, and their cultural significance. Our handmade ladies wedding bands can be fashioned to complement and sit comfortably alongside your engagement ring. Precious metals are the perfect material for wedding bands, and our handcrafted white gold rings are plated with rhodium to give them a uniform sheen. Rhodium is the world’s most expensive metal and has extraordinary reflective properties. This causes a pleasing optical illusion – rhodium reflects more light into diamonds causing the diamonds to appear larger and brighter than they actually are! Among the styles of bands we offer, you are bound to find ones that charm and intrigue you; whether it is the Russian wedding band with its fascinating dual surface, or the five stone band which sees its gemstones arrayed like a fan being opened. We can take these designs and customise them for you – our work is only improved by your input!

Diamonds – Let There Be Light!

The days of the plain utilitarian gold band for a wedding ring are long past. The bride of today merits a ring which will sparkle and radiate light. Diamonds have justly become the gemstones of choice as adornments for modern wedding bands. The diamond is nature’s hardest naturally occurring substance, so the inclusion of diamonds in your wedding band represents the permanence of your bond. But diamonds are more than just hard, they have fire and lustre. Diamonds capture and refract light, letting them sparkle as no other gem does. Our team members are seasoned experts in diamond grading and only select the very best stones to mount on our gold wedding bands. Each way in which diamonds are inlaid in a wedding band means it will sparkle in as different way. Pave settings of diamonds seem as though an entire surface of the ring is encrusted from edge to edge with brilliant stones, these catch light from every angle and bring considerable sparkle to an outfit. A claw mount allows individual stones to show off the beauty of their cut and the way it enhances the stone’s lustre and releases its fire. The team is glad to share its expert knowledge of these and more options to help you design your ring.

How To View Our Collection Of Ladies Wedding Bands

Our online galleries can really only give you an impression of the fine work we do, no matter how high definition a screen you view them with. Make an appointment to get a closer look and be spellbound by the custom ladies wedding bands Sydney couples are talking about.