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Custom Men’s Wedding Bands Designed And Handcrafted In Sydney

You are about to make the most solemn vow of your life, you are going to marry the woman you love. Rings will be exchanged to mark this milestone. You seek a ring befitting the gravity of this occasion, a ring which represents the depth of your love and commitment, and a ring that matches and complements you and your own special style. This can’t be any ring, a plain gold band sets the bar at its very lowest, and you deserve far better than that. At AE Design Jewellery, we can show you top quality materials and gems, listen to your aspirations and dreams, and help you design a wedding band unique to you.

Deeply Set Diamonds, Simple Elegance And Discreet Design

Men’s wedding bands have come a long way from the plain band of gold Freda Payne sang about. Men of the twenty-first century live in a world surrounded by cutting edge design and innovation. The wedding rings men choose from should also be of this world of discreet design. Bling is tacky, but simple elegance is modern and timeless. The collection of custom men’s wedding bands our team will show you embodies the latest in jewellery design and will look as stylish on your twentieth anniversary as they do now. Diamonds, our hardest naturally occurring substance, do not sit prettily mounted on a man’s wedding band, rather they are set more deeply in ways that reveal their icy fire and lustre as symbolising strength and power. Our diamond graders can show you how this subtle artistry is achieved.

Smooth Finishes, Sophisticated Detailing, Rugged Profiles

For those who know about modern men’s wedding bands Sydney’s first choice is AE Design Jewellery. Our experts are alive to trends in design towards the industrial and the outdoor, the understated and the sophisticated. Metal can be textured and milled to add to its depth. Wedding bands can stand proud on the finger or feature chamfered edges for ergonomic facility. Matt or satin finishing can be contrasted with polished surfaces to give rings mystery and discreet charm. Our master jeweller can advise you on detailing to suit you; rustic and mechanical designs speak of an outdoor lifestyle, double channels running round the ring are an ornament both restrained and powerful. Your wedding band can be engraved with your initials or a motto exclusive to you; Roman capitals suit such inscriptions in the most classic manner.

Rare And Exclusive Metals

AE Design Jewellery can customise and commission your wedding band to be wrought from precious metals such as white and yellow gold, and combine and contrast these two prized minerals to remarkable effect. Ebony can further the contrast and give a ring a striking central channel. An increasingly popular choice of metal for men to wear is titanium. This lustrous silver metal is extraordinarily resistant to corrosion and has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any of the metallic elements. It is also remarkably light, allowing ring crafters to fashion very broad wedding bands from it as they will not encumber their wearers’ hands. It is an ideal metal for a ring to be worn everyday by those with outdoor lifestyles keen on sport and swimming. We will be happy to show you the resilient beauty of our titanium men’s wedding bands.

See How Modern Design Has Transformed Men’s Wedding Bands

Make an appointment to come and talk your specific requirements over with our specialists. You will be impressed at the strides the jewellers art has made in offering twenty-first century rings here in Sydney.