Beautiful fancy coloured diamonds at Sydney’s best prices

If you want to see the best selection of fabulous coloured diamonds then you have to visit Sydney diamond merchant AE Design Jewellery. This family owned business has been around since 1957 and is has established itself as a leading importer and seller of fancy coloured diamonds in Sydney and across Australia.

With connections to all of the major diamond producing companies around the world any colour and size combination can be found to suit your needs and your budget. If you are looking for orange and yellow diamonds or very popular and rare argyle pink diamonds Sydney’s AE Design Jewellery should be your first stop.

Every imaginable shade of coloured diamonds at a price you can afford

Many people are looking from diamonds that are out of the ordinary both as an investment and to create coloured diamond jewellery that has a special look and style. When you work with the team at AE Design Jewellery you have trained professionals that will give you the best advice so that you get exactly what you want.

Coloured diamonds are very rare and there are only a very limited number that come to market every year. Each diamond’s value is determined by a number of factors such as rarity, demand, size and colour. Every diamond sold by AE Design is fully certified and this means that you have complete piece of mind with every purchase whether it is a loose stone or as the centre-piece of an exquisite piece of jewellery.

Why are fancy coloured diamond so rare?

Throughout history diamonds have been very rare and difficult to find making them a commodity that everyone wanted to have. The shimmering sparkle that a they show when cut and polished is something that cannot be matched by any other gem but only recently have coloured diamonds become widely available. A coloured diamond is a diamond that has had something special happen to it as it was formed or as it has travelled to the surface of the earth where it was eventually discovered. This makes it the rarest of the rare and a true treasure that AE Design can help you to own.

Here is a brief explanation of how the main colour groups have gained their colour from the trained gemmologist’s at AE Design Jewellery:

  • Pink Coloured Diamonds – The Argyle Pink Diamonds are an example of this fabulous colour which is caused by the distortions in the crystals from the massive pressure (up to 10x that of a colourless diamond) present when they are formed.
  • Blue Coloured Diamonds – The colour in these diamonds comes from Boron being present when they were created deep under the Earth’s surface.
  • Purple Coloured Diamonds – These diamonds are thought to have gained their colour from a combination of extreme pressure and Hydrogen during formation.
  • Yellow Coloured Diamonds – A yellow diamond is formed when nitrogen is present as it is being formed.
  • Orange Coloured Diamonds – As with yellow diamonds nitrogen is the special ingredient that produces the orange hue but under slightly different temperature and pressure conditions.
  • Green Coloured Diamonds – When a colourless diamond is close to the surface of the earth near sources of natural radiation they become green diamonds.

As you can see your special coloured diamond has had a long and interesting journey even before getting to you. These diamond have all of the spectacular beauty, hardness and sparkle of a colourless diamond with a rainbow of possible colours to choose from.

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