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A diamond wedding ring Sydney’s best jeweller has created just for you

It seems like something that is completely out of reach. But it isn’t. When you visit AE Design Jewellery you will meet the people behind this small family business that has been creating hand-made designer wedding rings in Sydney for more than half a century.

A fantastic one off design can be created for you by the master craftsman that you will be dealing with directly. This means that no matter if you want a traditional gold wedding band to complement your existing ring or a bespoke diamond wedding ring Sydney’s best design team is at your disposal to make it happen on time and at the budget you have agreed.

Are you looking for wedding ring designs that are out of the ordinary?

When you visit most stores you will find row after row of the same wedding rings Sydney stores all seem to sell with slight variations for different price points. Some stores will be slightly cheaper and some a little more expensive. Is this what you really want for your wedding day?

AE Design Jewellery can custom make both women’s and men’s wedding rings that are worthy of staying on your finger for the rest of your lives. They can produce matching designs for each person or take what is special about each person and create individual rings that each partner will give to each other on their special day.

Make an appointment and create some magic

The Sydney CBD location that is both close to public transport and parking, makes it simple for both partners to meet with the designer at a time when they are not rushed. You can then take the time you need to discuss exactly what you want and how to make your dreams come true. Having a true craftsman that can work in your choice of precious metals and long term family connections to the best precious and semi-precious stones in Australia and around the world means not having to compromise. Simple or intricate, traditional or outrageous you start with a blank canvas and can create some magic that will be with you forever.

Contact AE Design Jewellery on 02 9232 0022 or fill out the details here and start the journey to your perfect Sydney wedding ring today.