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Bespoke engagement rings Sydney women have been wearing for decades

AE Design have a long history of providing award winning Sydney Engagement Rings to couples generation after generation. This shows in the stunning designs that continue to be produced as classic hand crafting techniques are melded with the latest fashion styles to produce one off pieces that are not seen elsewhere.

Having an expert that you can talk to about every facet of the ring from concept to design, such as which metal and stones will best suit the look that you want and how to obtain the best value for the money you are spending, means that you have the peace of mind knowing that you will get exactly what you want. With experience in classic diamond engagement rings, coloured diamond engagement rings and in using other gemstones in modern cutting edge designs you can be assured that no matter your vision the finished ring will exceed expectations.

A top engagement ring designer right in the Sydney CBD

It is always difficult in our busy lives to set aside the time to do things. When a couple needs to meet with designer about their engagement ring a Sydney CBD location that is close to transport and parking makes things much easier. AE Design Jewellery has been at its easy to reach location for six decades and are flexible with times so that you won’t be rushing around and adding stress to a special time of your life. Depending on your requirement a complex diamond engagement ring might take several trips to the Sydney CBD before it is completed. With staff that are helpful and accommodating the process is simple and means that you are not under pressure to make decisions that need careful consideration.

Are your dreams worth using Sydney’s engagement ring specialist?

Asking someone to marry you is a momentous change to a couple situation as they commit themselves to each other. We use an engagement ring as a symbol of the joining of two lives being joined together in a partnership. Is taking the time to talk to the designers at AE Design Jewellery and exploring the option for a unique engagement ring not worth the effort?

You won’t be disappointed by taking the time to fill out the contact us form or by simply making a call to 02 9232 0022. Take the first step on creating your dream engagement ring right now!